Internet Marketing Trends West Palm Beach Florida


Internet Marketing has become one of the primary marketing vehicles for local business. Sadly, nearly one third of local small and mid size companies do not have any web presence at all, not even a website. Despite the fact most business owners have concluded that a website is a requirement they can’t deny. And nearly 70 percent with websites do not understand why they don’t show in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS).

Our process is to first educate, explain the structure of things and how Google’s “Bots” and “Algorithms” decide who gets the most exposure, being seen on the first page of results (SERPS). And that is really what we do for our clients, bring them out of obscurity through a proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Obviously, being seen is critical to the public knowing you exist, but just as important is getting the potential client/customer to “Engage”. That is where website design becomes critical to creating a successful sales funnel. A “Sales Funnel” is the process of getting in front of your target audience, providing relevant information relating to their internet search, and driving them to your website or landing page and guiding the visitor to fill out The Form, Call Us, Make an Online Purchase, or some other action.

We have recently partnered with another technology company to bring Geofencing to local businesses. Once reserved for the big brands and cost prohibitive, we can now run affordable Geofencing campaigns for our local business owners! This is a game changer for car dealerships, restaurants, Law firms, trade show marketers, just to name a few. 

Minding My Business is a Local Internet Marketing Company based in West Palm Beach Florida. Minding My Business offers a turnkey solution for local businesses to establish an Effective web presence. Offering state-of-the-art website design, secure website hosting and Internet Marketing Solutions. Proven strategies to help a business build their brand and increase exposure in the local market. Our new Blog is intended to help educate our local business community by consolidating Internet Marketing Trend information and news that they can use…..“News You Can Use”